An origin with a lot of faith, creativity and resilience.

Our story

Cláudio de Castro
Cláudio de Castro

Founded in 2002, by Cláudio de Castro, Mirandinha’s history predates a past of great determination, faith and overcoming.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, before founding Mirandinha, Cláudio was the owner of an auto electrical workshop, but due to the unfair competition from the cut-offs his business started to lose profitability and the financial problems were getting worse. Despite several difficulties, he remained firm with his business, as he was the only breadwinner for the family.

However, bad days became months and the situation became untenable the moment he found himself without the resources to buy a simple pastel from the market for his youngest son, it was then that he realized that he needed to change that situation.

On the same day, being a man of great faith, Cláudio went to the Catedral da Sé, in São Paulo. The church was empty, it was just him and God, and at the time he said a prayer and asked God crying out for a solution to that situation. It was then that, arriving at his house late at night, when sleeping he had a dream, a revelation:

“All great works, great monuments are successful, but their miniatures were also just as successful.”

And when he woke up in the morning trying to decipher this dream, he came to the following question: “What is the greatest symbol of the church? What is your great work? ”. And the answer to that question came naturally: The Bible. From that moment on, Cláudio began to produce mini wooden Bibles with a fridge magnet by hand, starting a new phase in his history.

Days later he went to the largest open air trade in Latin America, on March 25, to try to sell them and with great determination and faith began his new journey. The first day of sales was a success! All the mini Bibles were sold and from that moment on he realized that the product had a great acceptance, so he started to win customers in the stores in the region, and gradually the business grew.

First product of the company that is sold until today.
Cláudio de Castro & Maria Ivana Miranda

The time has come to take the next step with hiring the first employee, after he and his wife Maria Ivana Miranda have spent 48 hours working non-stop to deliver orders. Mirandinha Miniaturas was born there.

Curious: The name Mirandinha Miniaturas came up in honor of his wife’s surname.

With the increase in demand, the manufacturing process went from wood to plaster and later to plastic. The company took off, appearing new lines of miniature products such as milk cartons, bottles of beverages and accessories for crafts, the portfolio only increased and so did its success!

An important part of Mirandinha Miniaturas’ history are its children: In 2010, their eldest son, Bruno Miranda, opened a company in the party sector. The first product was made to serve a specific customer, then he analyzed that there was a lot to be explored in this segment, so he developed new products such as mini bottles and plastic mini balloons that did not yet have on the market. The success was so great that the company took on such a huge proportion that Bruno asked his father for help to manage it. The youngest son, Thiago Miranda, who had become a professional goalkeeper and was playing abroad at the time, decided to return to Brazil and help his family in this new endeavor. The option for family unity was the best choice made, from then on the company started to grow more and more and in a sustainable way, success was just beginning.

And in 2012, the company won two new defenders: Bruno and Thiago Miranda, and with them a new product line: Mirandinha Festas, further increasing the company’s portfolio.

Bruno e Thiago Miranda de Castro
Part of Employees

Currently, Mirandinha Miniaturas has 200 employees who produce millions of pieces per month in high-tech machinery. It is the sales leader in Brazil and is already tracing its journey to serve the markets in Latin America and Europe.

Always innovating, bringing technology and investing in people, the product line grows more and more, going beyond and thinking outside the box, with faith in God and hard work Mirandinha Miniaturas is just the beginning of a beautiful and grand journey!

And for the future?

We want to give wings to creativity, explore our limits and go further. With great faith, dedication and with the family together, we will overcome all obstacles and build our future.

Come and be part of this story too!